This is a little showcase of the products/projects we released or are currently working on.

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Royal TSX

OS X application

Latest stable version: V1

Royal TSX is the premium management tool for server admins, system engineers and IT focused information workers using OS X. It features powerful connections management, a tabbed interface, credential management and a plugins system. Royal TSX is compatible with Royal TS (for Windows) and Royal TSi (for iPad & iPhone).

Tagline: "Finally, enjoy your remote connections on OS X"

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OS X application

Latest version: V1.3

LanguageMenu allows OS X users to quickly change their system language. The menu bar application displays a list of languages, including country flags which can be used to change to a specific language instantly.

The application may be freely used and redistributed as it is released under the new BSD license. Source Code is available on Github.

  • Icon Composer 2x

Icon Composer 2x

OS X application

Latest version: V1.0

Icon Composer 2x is a replacement for Apple's Icon Composer that supports Retina Resolution Icons.

The application may be freely used and redistributed as it is released under the new BSD license. Source Code is available on Github.


Web Service

In production is a very simple web service that delays loading the page by an configurable amount of time.

What is this good for, you ask? Well, while developing Royal TSX we often had the need to simulate slow loading web pages to see how the UI reacts and we figured, why not create a simple service for that.
So here it is, open for everyone to get some quality Zzzzz... time.

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In production

*any.act provides catering services and runs several locations, like the Palais Eschenbach and Schutzhaus am Schafberg in Vienna.

Tagline: "*any.act - Genuss der überwältigt"

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Logo Design

In production

it helps is a consultation platform focusing on information technology.

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Android Game

Latest version (V1.2) released August 26, 2010

SketchWars is an Action Game for Android.
It was developed and published by Lemon Mojo in 2010.
Graphics © Edwin Hofer

Tagline: "Take on hand-drawn enemies in this Asteroids/Geometry Wars inspired sketch orgy!"

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Secret iOS/Android Game

iOS/Android Game

On hold

We'd like to keep the details of this project secret for the time being.
What we can say though is that we are hard at work to release the game sometime during the next few months.
Versions for HTML5/Flash, Windows Phone 7, Mac OS X and Windows are planned and will probably follow soon after the initial release.

The game will contain only hand-drawn graphics and is being developed using the new Monkey language/framework.